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10 Key Steps to Building a Great Small Business Website

August 27th, 2019

We would tell you this anyway – but still worth reading if you’re thinking about a website for your small business!

13 Key Steps to Website Management

September 21st, 2018

We often get asked asked by clients what they need to do to keep their website running after the build is done. There is that fear of – what if the website goes down and we don’t realise right away? What if it crashes? While oftentimes we will get asked to add a maintenance plan to a contract, sometimes the client prefers to manage the aftercare of the site themselves.

This article lists some important steps to making that happen:


Smashing UX on a Small Budget

August 15th, 2018

A conversation that often comes up for small businesses is how they can make their site super user-friendly but still appealing and purposeful. There is no magic formula for getting UX (user experience) right, but knowing your customers will be a benefit. Here’s a few things both small businesses and designers can do, together, to find the system that works best for them.



Happy GDPR Day!

May 25th, 2018

Ah, but it’s not really the happiest of days, is it?  Regardless of whether you live in the EU or outside of it, chances are you’ve received dozens of e-mails from companies whose e-mail lists you subscribe to informing you that changes are taking place with how your data is used and how your privacy is protected.

But what happens when small businesses find themselves ill-equipped and ill-informed on the changes happening?  Here’s a look at some businesses in Wales (UK) and what the changes in data regulations means to them.

If you are a small business struggling to implement a GDPR privacy policy on your site, please drop us a note and we’ll send you some resources to help.


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